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More than 40 POSTERS at the MSS Annual Meeting

Enjoy them all day Friday, April 4 

                          Display times

                          9:30 - 10:30

                          1:00 - 2:15

                           2:30 - 3:45

                           4:00 - 5:15

Posters scheduled this time period

Graduate- level & professional  posters 

Undergrad posters, group 1

Undergrad posters, group 2

Undergrad posters, group 3

Undergrad posters, group 1

Assimilation and Success: The Case of 1.5 and 2.0 Generation Mexican Immigrants; Miguel Ascencio, Cornell College, IA
Atheists as a Minority Group; Morgan Peterson, University of Nebraska – Omaha
The Blind Side of Professional Sports; Naomi Crews, Doane College, NE
Changing Who We Are: Examining The Dreamers- 1.5 Generation’s Racial Re-classification Upon Wearing an Illegal Label; Megan Miller, Wayne State College, NE  
Childhood Victimization and Delinquency; Tiffany Rowe, Midland University, NE
Christian Perceptions of the Non-Religious: Brady Dyson, Northwestern College, IA
College Students, Majors, Job Prospects, and Financial Behavior; Evan Davis, Thao Vang, Margot Fleming, Taryn Manthey-Logan, Laura Willodson, St. Olaf College, MN 
A Comparative Study of Urban and Rural Values; Taylor Jacob, Wartburg College, IA
Do Girls Choose Easier Majors? A Study of Truman University Students' Perception of Gender Effects on College Major Choice and Difficulty; Elizabeth Ward, Truman University, MO
The Double Bind: Perceptions and Experiences of Women in Law; Elizabeth Kuker and Jill Applegate, Drake University, IA 
Facebook Deactivation and Social Capital: A Case Study of College Students Transitioning into the Professional World; Ayli Carrero, Wayne State College, NE
Factors Affecting Student Success; Aubree Krugh, John Boles, & Kayla Miller, Missouri Western State University 

Undergrad posters, group 2

From Kanye to Kiss: Demographic Factors as Sources of Social Pressure on Selection of Music Genre by College-Aged Persons; Sarah Westfall, Truman University, MO 
Gender Stereotypes and Voter Preferences; Jennifer Knecht, Minnesota State University Moorhead  
The Impact of Deployments on Female Military Members and the Familial Relationships; Amy Wattier, Bellevue University, NE 
The Impact of Inclusion: An Assessment of the Inclusion of Civil Society in the Writing of Uganda's Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers; Sandra Krueger, Coe College, IA  
“In the Zone”: A Qualitative Analysis of the Flow State in College Athletics; Dakota Gilmore, Wartburg College, IA
James River Valley Gini Index Corporatizing the Agriculture Industry; Daniel Cates, South Dakota State University 
Marital Satisfaction: The Impact of Children; Katie Shindle & Brie Frank, Midland University, NE 
Mighty (Forgotten) Shoulders: Aging Radical Feminists; Glenda Miles, Miami University of Ohio
Military Deployments: Comparing Women’s Experiences to Men’s; Jennifer Nelson, University of Nebraska – Omaha 
Neighborhood Quality and Its Influence on Child Scholastic Achievement; Chelsea DeLarm, Cornell College, IA 
Oh, SNAP!: A Comparison of Food in Insecurity Across Four Counties; Aleyna Hunt, Matt Bowman, Brianna Fanta, Maggie Fischer, Erin Kelly, and Toby Nelson, Winona State University, MN
Political Satire: From Politics to Efficacy and Everywhere In Between; Joshua Duden, Drake University, IA

Undergrad posters,  group 3

Polyamory: Positive and Negative Effects on Society and Individuals; Jennifer Lampkins, Columbia College, IA
Racial and Ethnic Identity Disparity in the Nebraska State Sex Offender Registry; Mackenzie Maly & Kalli Brannagan, Doane College, NE
Religious Themes in Popular Children’s Books: A Quantitative Content Analysis; Hannah McQueen, Coe College, IA
Sexual and Relationship Satisfaction in the Sexually Deviant Group: Is There Hope for Paraphiliacs? Sarah Schmalz, Columbia College, IA
Social Transformation in Turkey: the Rise of AKP; Shanel Wemerskirchen, Coe College, IA
Socioeconomic Status and Student Debt; Anne Buenneke & Patrick Williams, St. Olaf College, MN 
The Teaching Profession: Public Perceptions and Teacher Expectations; Brian Failing, Brian Cory, Brittany Cufaude, Molly Daukus, Fiona Long Ting Ian; North Central College, IL
Transforming Traditions: Examining the Life-Course of Aging Gay Men; Molly Little, Miami University of Ohio 
Trauma and Homelessness among Urban American Indian Women; Amanda Carlson, University of Minnesota – Duluth
Women Judging Women: The Effect of Gender on Female Perceptions of Intellectual and Emotional Competence; Emma Shirey, Truman University, MO 
Working Through College: A Look Into Why Working Can No Longer Be An Excuse For Procrastination and Poor GPA; Makayla Jacobsen, University of Nebraska – Omaha
Learning Statistics: Flipping the Classroom, Self-Efficacy and Success .....Tricia M. Davis,
University of Wisconsin–River Falls; Avalon Hanson, University of Wisconsin–River Falls

Graduate-level & professional posters

*Personality Types on Facebook .....Lara K. Fundaburg, University of Central Missouri; McKenzie
A. Tharp, University of Central Missouri
*Resilience as an Agentive Activity Achieved through Practice: Using Activity Theory to Understand
Resilience Development among Rural Undocumented Latinas .....Angelica S. Reina, Iowa State
University; Brenda J. Lohman, Iowa State University                     *Living on the Dark Side: Effects of Skin Tone for Blacks on Exposure to Criminal Justice System ....
Karletta White, University of Iowa
*The NUSS Archival Project: Retrieving Our Past, Preserving Our Collective Memories for Present
and Future Sociology Students in Nebraska .....Paul Campbell, Wayne State College; Jean Karlen,
Wayne State College
*County Government and Economic Development in Iowa .....Lori Wiebold, Bradley University *Cafeteria Wasteland: A Study of Food Waste on the College Campus .....Terry Steele, Cardinal
Stritch University; Carole Hetzel
*Sexual Satisfaction Perceptions in Undergraduate Women .....April Buckner, University of Central Missouri; Ashley Cason, University of Central Missouri; Caroline Evans, University of Central

Many thanks to Jean Karlen, Wayne State College, for organizing the undergrad sessions!