2015 Annual Meeting

March 26-29, at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown

Code of Ethics 
of the Midwest Sociological Society

Members of the Midwest Sociological Society subscribe to and are bound by the Code of Ethics of the American Sociological Association.To read the Code in its entirety, please visit www.ASAnet.org and follow the link to ‘Ethics.’

MSS members are reminded that sexual or racial harassment is unethical in any professional setting, and that the annual meeting of the Midwest Sociological Society constitutes such a professional setting.  Instances of harassment should be reported as soon as possible to the Professional Issues and Standards Committee.  To view the MSS grievance procedure in its entirety, please go to the MSS website  ‘About MSS’ page  or 

request a copy  by email.

Planning to participate in the MSS annual meeting in 2015?

If you are not currently an MSS member, but you plan to participate in the next MSS annual meeting - as a session organizer, panelist, paper presenter, round table or poster presenter - 
you MUST join MSS.

Membership is REQUIRED for participation as an organizer or presenter.

YES, that means you must join MSS 
BEFORE you submit a session proposal or
paper abstract.

You may join MSS online at the 
Membership Page.

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