MSS Committees:

The Midwest Sociological Society is governed by a Board of Directors, but much of the organization’s work is accomplished by its 15 standing committees. 

For contact information for any of the officers, directors or committee chairs, please consult your latest issue of The Midwest Sociologist or contact MSS Executive Director Lauren Robinson Tiffany by phone at 319.338.5247 
or by email.

Committee Chairs 2014-15:

Annual Meeting Committee
Deb White, University of Minnesota

Executive Committee
Kevin Leicht, University of Iowa

Finance Committee
Tim Pippert, Augsburg College

Long Range Planning Committee
Diane Pike, Augsburg College

Membership Committee 
Lee Miller, Sam Houston State University

Minority Scholars Committee
Gail Wallace, U. of Alabama, Birmingham

Nominations & Elections Committee
Stephanie Decker, Washburn University               Barbara Keating, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Professional Issues & Standards Committee
Matt Lammers, Southern Arkansas University

Publications Committee
Marybeth Stalp, University of Northern Iowa

Scholarship Development Committee 
Erik Larson, Macalester College 

Social Action Committee
Andrea Nichols, St Louis Community College

Sociological Practice Committee
Ehren Stover-Wright, Iowa Institute for Community Alliances

Student Issues Committee
Kim Maas, Minnesota State U., Mankato

Committee on Teaching and Learning
Allison Vetter, Henderson State University

Committee on Women in the Profession
Mac-Z Zurawski, Governors State University

 Committee Descriptions   [For more details about a particular committee, please see the bylaws at the link above.]

The Annual Meeting Committee
is charged with facilities planning, local arrangements, and the smooth operation of the annual meetings of the Midwest Sociological Society.

The Long Range Planning Committee
shall continually consider the long-range goals and needs of the Midwest Sociological Society and shall assess and oversee the Society’s programs and committees to ensure that those goals and needs are being appropriately addressed.

The Minority Scholars Committee
shall monitor the profession in relation to minority issues, gather information on such issues, and when it deems appropriate, recommend to the board and to the membership, and carry out action aimed at increasing equality of minorities in the profession and in society.

The Nominations and Elections Committee
shall nominate slates of candidates for the elective offices of the society, supervise the polling of the membership by written or electronic ballot, count the returned ballots, and notify the Secretary of the names of those elected.

The Professional Issues and Standards Committee shall view all questions of professional ethics and conduct, as well as issues of academic freedom that are brought to the attention of the Society. The Committee shall provide oversight to ensure that the Midwest Sociological Society complies with the ASA Code of Ethics and that stated MSS Grievance Procedures are followed. [Grievance Procedures are detailed in the MSS Policies and Procedures Manual.] In relation to general issues or specific cases related to academic responsibility and freedom, the Committee shall gather information and when deemed appropriate, recommend actions to the Board and to the membership. The Committee shall establish effective liaison with the appropriate committee of the American Sociological Association.

The Publications Committee
shall oversee, monitor and recommend policy to the board concerning publication of The Sociological Quarterly, and The Midwest Sociologist, and administration of the Student Paper Competition.

The Scholarship Development [formerly Endowment] Committee
reviews proposals research grants, and makes recommendations to the board for funding such proposals.

The Social Action Committee
shall take under consideration proposals for social action by the society submitted either by individual members or other committees of the society. It is also responsible for soliciting nominations and selecting recipients for the two annual 
Social Action Awards.

The Sociological Practice Committee
will explore ways that clinical and applied sociology may be highlighted within the Midwest Sociological Society.

The Student Issues Committee
shall develop and recommend policy to the board and monitor activities related to representation of the interests of student members of the Midwest Sociological Society.

The Teaching and Learning Committee
shall concern itself with issues related to sociology education at all levels. It shall continually evaluate the development and implementation of teaching pedagogy and student learning in the discipline, and shall make the results of such evaluations available to the membership of the MSS.

The Women in the Profession Committee
toward the end of producing equality of opportunity for women, shall keep under constant review the position of women in the profession, gather information on such issues, and, when it deems appropriate, recommend action to the MSS board and the membership.

*For more details about a particular committee, see the MSS bylaws.

Reference Documents [pdfs]
MSS Bylaws [updated fall 2012]

Committee descriptions in brief, below.
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Seeking appointment to a committee? Deadline is Aug. 15th! 


To be considered for committee appointment, you must:

Plan to maintain your MSS membership over the next three years.  [Only members can serve.]

Be reasonably sure that you will attend the annual meetings in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. [Most appointments are for three years, and committees meet at the annual meeting. New appointments made this fall will take effect at the 2015 annual meeting.]

Be ready to give time to committee work during the annual meeting, and also to tasks or email discussions between annual meetings, if requested by the chair.

Apply before Aug. 15.  

To apply, please email the MSS office to signify your interest.  
In the subject heading of your email, please put COMMITTEE. 
In the body of the email, please list:  

     1  your full name.
     2.  your institutional affiliation and position.
     3.  your city and state.
     4.  the name of the committee in which you're interested. [See committee descriptions  and committee reports, below, right.]
     5.  2-3 sentences describing your interest and/or experience as regards the committee's work.  

New committee members will be appointed by the MSS President, with the advice and approval of the full board, at the fall board meeting in September.

Questions?  Please inquire of the MSS Exec Office.
2014 Committee Reports [All are pdfs.]

[If the committee name is NOT a hotlink - the committee's report is not yet available.]

Annual Meeting


Long Range Planning


Minority Scholars

Nominations & Elections

Professional Issues & Standards


Scholarship Development   [formerly Endowment]

Social Action Committee Report
[on Social Action page]  *

Sociological Practice

Student Issues

Teaching & Learning

Women in the Profession

​*Other committee pages are under construction.
NOTE:  The Publications Committee, currently seeking two members,  follows a different application procedure. 
Learn more on the committee's page
About MSSAnnual MeetingsAwards & GrantsCommitteesGive to MSSJobs & OpportunitiesMembershipPublicationsRelated GroupsStudents

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