2019 MSS Annual Meeting

Alternative Sessions

Increasingly, conference organizers are introducing innovative approaches to sharing knowledge and catalyzing dialogue. The Program Committee for MSS 2019 has embraced these alternatives and strongly encourages you to consider submitting your work as an Innovative Presentation Powered by Pecha Kucha, TEDx-like Lightening Talk, or a 3-Minute Thesis. Please note that the 3-Minute Thesis is a competition that is restricted to Graduate and Undergraduate students.

Background, Examples and “How To” videos for the alternative can be found here: https://www.themss.org/call-for-submissions.

Here are some examples of exciting talks that will be presented in the alternative formats:

3 Minute Thesis        

"Transgender Menstruation: Queering the Gendered Nature of Bleeding"

S. E. Frank, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Menstruation is amongst the most highly gendered/sexed functions of the human body, aligning with social definitions of the female. Transgender bodies challenge gender/sex binary norms of behavior and interaction. For Trans men, this means they may menstruate, presenting a unique social experience for their own identity and perhaps for those around them, as presenting men/males are not expected to menstruate. For Trans women, the absence of menstruation may further remove them from the community of womanhood established by cisgender women. This research documents and theorizes the increased stigma Trans and Gender Queer people face via discourse analysis of Trans menstruation and 21 interviews with Trans and Genderqueer folx. The data reveal the complexity of narratives about menstruation from transgender perspectives that includes first menstrual experiences, dysphoria, bodily appreciation and menstruation as an issue of safety.


Innovative Presentations Powered by Pecha Kucha

"Neoliberalism, Intersectionality, and the Trials of Anna Nicole Smith"

Brian Donovan, University of Kansas

In 1999, cultural icon Anna Nicole Smith panicked attorneys for Koch Industries. Her claim to her deceased husband`s fortune put her within striking distance of owning a significant share of the multi-billion dollar company and a potential seat on its board of directors. Her efforts to inherit her deceased husband`s wealth led to a protracted legal fight that involved two trips to the US Supreme Court. This paper analyzes the social construction of Anna Nicole Smith as both "white trash" and a "gold digger." This analysis shows how representations of Anna Nicole Smith leveraged intersecting conceptions of gender, race, and social class to perform ideological labor. While mass media and popular culture turned Anna Nicole Smith into a butt of jokes, her billionaire husband J. Howard Marshall was remembered as a self-made man. The saga of Anna Nicole Smith deflected from the problematic nature of the wealth accrued by Marshall Petroleum and the Koch Industries, its origins in aggressive tax avoidance, and the environmental destruction that underwrote it.


TEDx-like Lightening Talk

"Moving to the Net: Pitfalls in the Shift from Television to Online Political Advertising"

Nathan Katz, University of Missouri, Columbia

The shift to television to online political advertisements has been lauded for its low cost, easy access, and its empowerment of women and people of color running for office. Some have gone so far as to say it is set to replace television advertising. However, the use of online advertisements is not only fundamentally different from ads on television, but if current trends continue then a shift away from television advertisements could have negative ramifications for American democracy.