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Please find a link to the unscheduled preliminary 2022 MSS program book below. Updated versions will be circulated for review as needed. Please review this file and send any necessary edits to [email protected].

A final version of the program, listing no-shows, will be available online here after the meeting.


Find the most current SCHEDULED 2022 Annual Meeting draft  program here! 



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MSS members have repeatedly noted that the quality of the Meeting is predicated on the quality of the presentations. Thank you for your commitment to an excellent conference. We sincerely appreciate the time you will invest to ensure that your presentation is of the highest value. If you must withdraw your presentation, please do so as soon as possible by January 25, 2022, so we can reconfigure your session. Please note that not showing to deliver your presentation is a professional discourtesy that negatively impacts the organization of sessions, the quality of the conference and your professional reputation. Once sessions are scheduled, you will be notified by email to make a final review of the preliminary scheduled program for any spelling errors. The preliminary scheduled program will be available on the MSS website.

Please remember:

  • Presenters are required to be members of the MSS and to register for the meeting. If you are not currently a member, please purchase or renew your membership as soon as possible. Registration is open. .
  • The deadline for presenter membership and registration is February 10, 2022. Presenters who have not purchased or renewed their membership and registered by the stated deadlines run the risk of being removed from the program.
Purchase a Membership

Guide to Renew Your Membership

If you are a listed author and are not attending the MSS Annual Meeting, please email us at [email protected] to let us know and we will remove you from the “expected attendees” list. 

If you need a formal letter of acceptance beyond this email, please contact Jennifer Talarico at [email protected].