Our Mission

The Midwest Sociological Society (MSS) is a nonprofit, regional, professional society dedicated to building community among sociologists and to advancing sociological knowledge, teaching, and practice for social scientific purposes and social betterment.

The MSS:

  • upholds the highest ethical standards of the social and behavioral sciences and strives to protect the academic freedom and rights of its members.
  • provides engaging forums for the sharing, critique, dissemination, and application of social scientific knowledge, including through its annual meeting and its journal, The Sociological Quarterly.
  • is characterized by a spirit of volunteerism and collegiality, encouraging active participation from all interested persons in furthering the sociological enterprise.
  • encourages the professional development and careers of its members, at all educational levels and in profit and nonprofit organizations.
  • welcomes all those interested in the discipline to join the society, regardless of theoretical or methodological approach and strives to achieve the values of diversity, inclusion and equality in all activities of the society.
  • carries out its mission primarily within a nine-state area—Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin—yet maintains a strong tradition of welcoming a national and global membership.




Sociology as a profession has taken the lead in understanding the role of inequalities in our society and the Midwest Sociological Society joins its larger professional community of researchers, teachers, and practitioners to resist and root out these inequalities. The MSS supports equity, inclusivity, and respect for differences.