Congratulations to our new MSS officers!

Congratulations to the newly elected MSS officers. Their terms will begin next week at the 2018 MSS Annual Meeting.
President Elect-Elect:  Julie Pelton, University of Nebraska Omaha (Program Chair, 2020)
Illinois State Director:  Meghan Burke, Illinois Wesleyan University
Minnesota State Director:  Erik Larson, Macalester College
At-Large State Director (2-year term):  Veronica Medina, Indiana University Southeast 

At-Large State Director (full 3-year term):  Allison Vetter, Henderson State University

Thank you for your commitment to MSS. We look forward to having you represent your colleagues!


MSS-sponsored MFP Fellow, Rahsaan Mahadeo

Each year, MSS sponsors a Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) Fellow with the American Sociological Association. The 2017-18 Fellow, Rahsaan Mahadeo, hails from our 2018 Annual Program host city, Minneapolis. 

Rahsaan Mahadeo is a first-generation college student and current PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. His dissertation is titled “Transgressive Temporalities: How Racially Marginalized Youth in Urban Space Make Sense of Time.” Drawing on data from in-person interviews and ethnographic methods, his research explores and shows how time is racialized and how race is temporalized. Rahsaan also explores how race, racialization, and racism condition youth’s perspectives on time. All of this research is done with a central aim to bring sociology up to speed and up to date with the temporalities of those consistently subjected to academic racism and neglected within time. Rahsaan is a 2013 Ford Foundation Pre-doctoral Fellow. In addition to his studies, Rahsaan is a member of Whose Diversity? and Differences Organized! (Do!)—collectives of undergraduate and graduate students committed to advancing several demands on behalf of multiply-marginalized students. Prior to beginning his graduate studies, Rahsaan spent over seven years working as a social worker in Providence and Boston. In all his endeavors--including research, teaching, and service/leadership—Rahsaan demonstrates an enduring commitment to building community and working for justice.


Musings of the 2018 Program Chair

Volume 1:4; February 26, 2018

Speaking Truth to Power for Social Justice and the Public’s Health

I am pleased to post this article “Why I Teach a Course Called ‘White Racism’.” by Dr. Ted Thornhill ( as Vol. 1:4 of the my “Musings of the 2018 Program Chair”.

I invited Ted to contribute to “Musings...” because it, and his course, directly embody the theme of the 81st MSS annual meeting in Minneapolis - “Sociology and the Public’s Health”...

...Read More "Musings" Here


About the MSS

Founded in 1936, MSS is a membership organization of academic and applied sociologists as well as students of the discipline. About 2/3 of the 1300 members live in the Midwest, but membership is open to all; and about 1/3 of the members are from other parts of the nation and the world.

Organized in 1936, MSS held its first annual meeting in 1937. In 2011-12, MSS celebrated 75 years of scholarship and collegiality at our annual meetings in St. Louis and Minneapolis.

What We Do:
- Publish The Sociological Quarterly;
- Hold a four-day annual meeting each spring;
- Provide opportunities for leadership and committee work;
- Support a minority fellowship, several grant and award programs, and research by MSS members.

With the adoption of a long-range strategic plan, MSS is moving forward intentionally, to meet the challenges of the future.

We invite you to join us!



The Benefits of Membership

MSS members enjoy our journal, The Sociological Quarterly, a friendly but rigorous annual meeting, access to grants and awards, opportunities to learn and serve, and paths to enhanced leadership skills. 

MSS’s 1300 members differ in sociological specialty, location, ethnicity, gender and age [19 to 88!] – but coalesce around their fascination with sociology and their willingness to give back through voluntary service to MSS.

Last year, MSS distributed more than $28,000 to 165 MSS members through competitive awards for scholarly work, prizes for student paper competitions, research and travel grants, and a $10,000 minority fellowship through ASA.


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TSQ Special Collection

Have you read the latest The Sociological Quarterly? Members have online access. However, if you're not a member and want to read the free ASA 2017 Subject Collection, available through the end of October, you can find them here!

TSQ: ASA 2017 Subject Collection


MSS Activities

MSS publishes up to 70 research articles each year in The Sociological Quarterly. Articles cover the entire spectrum of sociological research and inquiry and are often organized into symposiums or special issues. TSQ, as it is familiarly known, is currently edited by Peter Hall, Michael Lacy and Prabha Unnithan, all of Colorado State University.

MSS annual meetings attract up to 1200 sociologists each year by offering nationally-known plenary speakers, intriguing paper sessions, invigorating roundtables, instructive workshops, and interactive poster sessions. Always held in a major Midwestern city, MSS annual meetings also include tours, social events, meet-ups and networking opportunities.