Who We Are

The Midwest Sociological Society, founded in 1936, is a professional organization of academic and applied sociologists as well as students of the discipline. Nearly 1300 scholars, students and practicing sociologists in universities, government and business belong to the organization. Known for its accessible but rigorous meetings, the MSS encompasses nine states – Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Kansas, South Dakota and North Dakota. However, more than one-third of the members are from other parts of the nation and the world.

Code of Ethics

Mirroring the American Sociological Association Code of Ethics, the Midwest Sociological Society Code of Ethics (hereafter “Code”) establishes the principles and ethical standards that guide the Society’s membership. This Code is a guideline and baseline for examining the professional activities of MSS members. These guidelines require MSS members and leaders to be honest and respectful of others in their professional activities. The Code also recognizes that MSS members need to adhere to the high standards of collegiality. Members of the MSS strive to eliminate bias in their professional activities, and they do not tolerate any forms of discrimination based on age, gender, race, socioeconomic status or origin, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, disability, health conditions, political affiliation, marital status, domestic status, parental status, or any other applicable basis proscribed by law. As a regional association, we place value on dismantling power inequalities. We engage and respect diverse experiences through all our programmatic activities and in the business of the Society. Read more here.

How to Contact MSS:

Mailing Address:
Midwest Sociological Society
P.O. Box 1400
Bellevue, NE 68005

Email:    [email protected]

Executive Director:  Jennifer Talarico

Midwest Sociological Society History:

The physical historical archives of the Midwest Sociological Society, including past minutes, membership lists, program books, newsletters and journals, are held at the State Historical Society of Iowa Library in Iowa City, Iowa.