Congratulations to these Recent MSS Awardees







Student Paper Competition Awards 

Winners in the Graduate Division:

First place:  Elizabeth Felix, University of Iowa                                              Advisor: Freda Lynn

“Mass Shootings and Mental Health Stigma: A Natural Experiment"

Second place:  Ruo-Fan Liu, University of Wisconsin-Madison         Advisors:  Mustafa Emirbayer & Eric Grodsky

“Status Competition in the Digital Era: Degree Seeking, Public Credentialism, and Informal Counseling in Two Taiwanese Social Media Sites"

Third place:  Jienian Zhang, University of Wisconsin-Madison                 Advisors:  John Major Eason & Michael Bell

“The Hidden Injuries of Assimilation: Subjective Assimilation as Internalized Racism and Mental Health "


Winners in the Undergraduate Division:

First place:  Paul Jakhu, University of the Fraser Valley                                             Advisor: Alicia Horton

“’We were just left in the dark’: Families’ Experiences with Incarceration During COVID-19” 

Second place:  Maria Isabel Arreola, Macalester College                             Advisor: Erika Busse-Cardenas

“Collective Action in Times of Organizational Crisis: A Case Study of a Hybrid Nonprofit Organization”

Third place:  Kathryne M Richards, Metropolitan State University                           Advisor: Janet Enke

“Collective Action in Times of Organizational Crisis: A Case Study of a Hybrid Nonprofit Organization”



Graduate Level Competition:

1st Place: "’Especially Heinous’ and ‘Vicious Felonies’: Deconstructing the College Rape Narrative within Law & Order: SVU,” Gemini Creason-Parker, Texas A & M University

2nd Place: “Positive Deviance Techniques: How Non-Conformity to Vote-Buying is Practiced and its Outcomes, the Ugandan Context,” Collins Kwarasima, South Dakota State University

3rd Place: “Ethnicity and Migration ─ The Concentration and Dispersion of Foreign-Born Asians and Hispanics in the United States,”  Shuang Li, South Dakota State University


Undergraduate Level Competition:

2nd Place ranking: “Re-Examining Adult Literacy inAmerica,” Michaëlle Abraham, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities



Tom Gerschick