Submissions for all regular sessions are due November 7.

Submissions for posters are due January 16.

You do not have to be a member to submit to the annual meeting program. However, you will need an active MSS profile* and those selected to present will need to purchase or renew their membership. 

*An "active MSS profile" means either a current membership or a "SUBMISSION PROFILE" member type. If you cannot access the portal and don't have a current membership, you will need to, at minimum, renew your membership at a "Submission Profile" level. This is a temporary membership type and will not bill you until January, when you'll need to purchase a membership to remain active. If you prefer to purchase a membership at this time, it will cover the remainder of this year at no additional cost.


Where do I find the link to the Submission Portal?

Log in to the MSS website. Under the "Annual Meeting" menu item, you will find "2024 Annual Meeting." Hovering over that menu item, you will see a sublist that includes "Submission Portal Link." When the portal is open, clicking on that menu item will take you directly to the submission portal. 


The submission portal will open on or about September 5!

Not yet a member?

To create a profile, begin at the membership page. Choose "Join MSS Now!" and proceed with your information. You may purchase a membership at this time or select "SUBMISSION PROFILE" in the membership type list to create a profile now and submit to the meeting. You will be prompted and required to purchase a membership if you accept an invitation to present at the meeting.


*All presenters on the MSS Annual meeting program must be members of MSS. We would appreciate if all potential presenters (not just the submitter) would create a profile via the above listed process so we have accurate contact information.

How to submit:

All submissions must be entered via the online portal. Once you enter the online portal, you will be prompted to enter the information listed below.  Please be consistent with your MSS profile when entering email address(es) in your submission contact information.

Open Individual Presentations

  1. Session format: Formal paper, round table, poster, teaching technique, panel participant, and Pecha Kucha. Find the full list and descriptions here.
  2. Session topic: Select one from the list.
  3. Abstract (150 word target, allowing up to 250 words): For research papers and proposals, the abstract should detail the status of data collection and the status of your data analysis.  Edit carefully. The abstract reflects your scholarship and determines the paper’s acceptance in the session.

 Complete/Closed Sessions

  1. Session format: Closed paper, panel, author-meets-critics, academics-meet-activists, and workshop. Find the full list and descriptions here.
  2. Title of the session
  3. Brief abstract for the session (150 word target, allowing up to 250 words)
  4. Name, affiliation, and email of session organizer
  5. Names, affiliations, and emails of all presenters (Note to organizers: All presenters must be a member of MSS and register for the conference to be on the final conference program.)
  6. Titles of the individual presentations
  7. For co-authored papers: include all authors, starting with the first.