Although the global pandemic has had unprecedented impacts on higher education, existing financial and social strategies have accelerated the impacts. For some time, higher education has been moribund. While claims of diversity and critical thinking have proliferated, research into higher education structures and organizations have long led to a more pessimistic view.  Gender, Race, sexuality and first generation differences in faculty compensation, security, and autonomy persist.  The corporatization of higher administration constrains academic freedom and shared governance. Consolidation in the publishing industry leads to course manufacturing, rather than development.  In this conference, plenary sessions will focus on how these higher education changes make our future more difficult. 

Potential topics include (but are not exclusive):

            --gender, race, sexuality and class faculty inequalities

            --higher administration models and practices

            --the impact of assessment on pedagogy and academic freedom

            --the impact of mass publishers on course content and delivery

            --globalization of higher education structures and ramifications on higher education

            --auto-ethnography of current faculty experience, inclusive of gender, race, sexuality and class impacts

            --the influence of political culture on academic funding

            --the political divide and the future of higher education

Submission Deadline extended to November 10, 2021.

Call for Submissions 

We very much look forward to seeing you virtually at MSS 2021!

Meredith Redlin, 2021 Program Chair and MSS President-Elect
Sana Illahe, 2021 Student Director