2024 Certificates

The following certificates are available for those attending the 2024 MSS Annual Meeting. Please be sure to print down the documents prior to the meeting, as you are required to collect signatures. 

MSS-AKD Faculty Teaching Certificate

The MSS-AKD Teaching Certificate is a certification program organized by the MSS Teaching and Learning Committee in conjunction with AKD. The program provides a structure for you to focus your conference participation around university issues related to, or that impact, undergraduate teaching and learning in sociology (i.e. teaching and learning, race and ethnicity, gender studies). By completing the certification process you will be able to document, and will be recognized for, your participation in sessions focused on teaching and learning (e.g. pedagogy, curriculum development, classroom management, course development, and technology). In order for you to receive the MSS-AKD Teaching Certificate you need to attend the AKD workshop on teaching and learning along with 4 other sessions (verified by a signature from the session organizer at the end of each session you attend) and write a brief reflection on your learning (feel free to use the last page of this packet). There are multiple qualifying sessions in many time slots that demonstrate the importance of this theme throughout the conference.

By Saturday at 2:00 pm, before you leave the conference, you must turn in your roster and your feedback to the Committee Chair Patricia Ahmed in person or give it to a person at the registration desk. Alternately, you may scan and PDF your materials to [email protected] no later than April 31, 2024. After committee review, you will be emailed a certificate that you can include on your vitae or share with those who supported your attendance at the conference. Thank you for participating. 

Certificate Instructions and Signature Page